6 Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows (that doesn’t suck)


There are a lot of these big names in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari but you know what? they suck, at least on my laptop which has 4gb ram, they have all the features which you might need but they are simply heavy and on lower end computers they eat a lot of ram and make it very hard to use and it lags too! To make your browsing easier, in this article I will tell you some of the best lightweight browsers you can use on your computer that doesn’t suck!

Lightweight browsers

These lightweight browsers may not be as popular or more pleasing to eyes as the mainstream browsers but they offer more speed, they eat less ram and eventually make your online browsing experience more pleasant and be your daily driver as a browser, all the lightweight browsers mentioned in the list are completely free to install and use and they are in no particular order.

Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows

Below are some of the best lightweight web browsers for Windows you can use, that doesn’t suck. Which offer good speed, privacy, security and the features you need by being lightweight.

1. Maxthon


When it comes to lightweight browsers, Maxthon is my favorite one, when you actually use it you will feel the speed it offers and you will be in thinking that you are using a normal “big browser” but it’s not! 670,000,000 people have been using Maxthon as their default browser and also it was awarded has “best browser” for 3 years straight.

Now, let’s talk about the features it has to offer, it has a pretty fast UI with dual rendering engines to load your desired website in no time with no ads as this browser comes built in with an ad-blocker that kills pop-ups, banner and floating ads to give you a smoother and better browsing experience.

If you are a dude like me who frequently download videos to view if offline then this browser has a special feature wherein you can download any desired video, music with one click! Maxthon has their very own cloud service which will store your bookmarks, history, and settings across your devices just like Chrome.

2. Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon

Here a robust security company made a browser, So guess what is its main feature? It’s security of course. Comodo IceDragon browser is mainly a security-focused lightweight browser that has the same look and feels and also has the features like Mozilla Firefox like extensions, menus, bookmarks we can even say a faster, lighter, more secure version of Firefox.

Sure, this browser has more security features but it’s not all that, if you are a Firefox user this browser will be more familiar to you as the user interface and even the button placements are more like Firefox and also has all the features that Firefox has to offer like adding extension which is a feature that most of the other lightweight browsers doesn’t offer, not only that it also has an option to bookmark, instantly share page or video to your social accounts and more.

Now let’s talk a bit about its main feature “security” Using this browser you will have an option to use Comodo’s DNS server for completely free which they claim is the fastest and the more secure DNS. It basically website address into IP address to make things load faster and also have something called virtual container with which, the browser will not have contact with your system so there will be fewer chances of you downloading malicious software.

Apart from the security things, this browser also has a feature called site inspector which will scan the URL you are visiting for viruses if it finds any, it will not let you in which I feel all the other browsers out there needs it and also some reports like crash, performance and snippet service which so-called “big browsers” also lack at it.

3. Vivaldi


Vivaldi is probably a lesser known browser that is developed by a sister company of Opera, as most of the Opera users complained that they don’t like how the original Opera browser is designed and also consumed good amount of resources, the Opera software group launched this browser keeping what the users have complained and this browser is the outcome of it.

You will surely fall in love with Vivaldi because of its look and the amount of customization ability this tiny little lightweight browser has and also you can even install and schedule themes to change automatically when you needed, isn’t this awesome? all these customization features and will not let you down with its performance. As I was an Opera user for a long time, I would say this browser has a far better performance than it.

Just like the original Opera browser, this also uses Google Chrome’s engine but consumes relatively less ram than it. When it comes to web technologies, Vivaldi is top of it as it supports all the latest web technologies like HTML 5 and CSS3 with ease and also has beaten Mozilla Firefox in HTML5 tests.

This browser has a truckload of themes to choose from and also you can customize the way you need it, you can ever change the position of the search bar, new tab position and a lot more. You can also add notes within this browser itself with adding links and an ability to add a screenshot to it. All in all, Vivaldi is a great little browser that will attract you by its look and the ability to customize.

4. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

If you are more into browser-based entertainment stuff like watching and downloading movies, music and more then Torch browser can torch up your experience with its multimedia and entertainment features it offers. This browser is based on Chrome engine which is optimized for speed and more pleasant movies and music streaming and downloading.

With Torch Browser you don’t need any extra software to download a torrent of torrent sites or even download Youtube videos, this browser adds a download button to every video that you view which allows you to download videos and music files right on your system with a single click of a button without you having to download extra converters or grabber software.

It also has Torch music player which lets you stream Youtube music with more features like creating a playlist and an easier to use interface with an option to download music files and if you think this browser is just from music and videos, boy you are wrong! You have games to play right on your browser with no loading time or no need to sign in or download anything with various categories like racing, puzzle games and much more.

This browser also offers a dedicated downloader which speeds up your downloads by a little bit and last but not the least with this browser you can also redesign Facebook the way you need it, which is the only browser to offer this. All in all, a decent performing browser that is light in weight and mainly multimedia and entertainment focused browser.

5. Polarity


Many may not be familiar with this browser as it is not so popular but has some great speed and performance to it! When it was compared to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Polarity consumed very least ram with which we can figure it out that how the browsing performance will be in this lightweight browser.

This browser was specially designed to work more efficiently and faster than the other browsers out there, so when you are browsing the web you don’t have to think about heating in your system and also its built-in privacy features like Privoxy and DoNotTrack will give you the confidence to browse through the web.

With a built-in ram booster, it will make sure that your browsing experience will always be pleasant and according to stats, it could extend 45% more battery life by enabling the battery saver mode which is present right on the browser. When it comes for supporting for web technologies it doesn’t lack, it supports all the latest web technologies including WebGL.

Apart from the performance it offers, it also has a ton of features to customize it the way you need it like changing the theme, adding a sidebar, tab pausing and much more. With built-in ad-blocker and an accelerated downloading manager and a feature to read the content you wish to read in a neat little way, Polarity is no doubt one of the best lightweight browsers. By the way, the design of this browser reminds me of Microsoft Edge.

6. Midori


Midori an open source browser that means it’s code is freely available to modify which means developers are bringing new updates and adding new features to it. This browser uses DuckDuckGo as its search engine which is a privacy-focused search engine that does not collect any personal data unlike some popular browsers and obviously, you change the search engine to Google or any other later on.

Midori also supports and handles all the latest web technologies like CSS3 and HTML 5 So, no compromise on that. Apart from this it also offers bookmarks, spelling checker, built in speedy downloader and some privacy settings with which you can go anonymous online and lastly minimal UI All these will make Midori one of the best lightweight browsers.

The UI os this browser looks like it has taken inspiration from Apple’s Safari with the search bar at the center top and bookmarks options at the top right and on the left, you will get to see back and refresh button. Apart from the pros, it doesn’t offer you extensions or plugins to extend features of the browser, which is the only con here.


We have arrived at the end of our article on best Lightweight browsers for Windows, every browser on the list has something for someone, Sure, they might lack a feature which you might need like let’s say extensions to extend browser’s features, some browser just can’t do that as its light in weight you can to compromise on that.

If you have old Windows computer these browsers should run just fine without any hike ups or lag as they utilize very less amount of system resources and lastly the best lightweight browser should be chosen by the person who uses it and what all features he would like.

What’s your lightweight browser for Windows? and If you have any other browsers that eat less ram and doesn’t “suck” let me know them in the comment section below, Peace out!


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