uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus – Which Adblocker to Choose?


Ads, Ads, Ads! You can see the Ads Here, There, and Everywhere. There is no way you can escape from ads no matter what device you are using and those ads could sometimes be pretty annoying. Although there a truckload of ad-blockers you can use but the most popular ones are uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus, in this article we will compare them head to head to see which one is best for you.

uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus

Advertising is one of the biggest online marketing strategies in the World, and it plays a very important role in today’s age of competition. Meanwhile, the transformation of marketing has been changed widely as people spend most of their time on Mobiles, Tablets & Desktops. Marketers spend around millions of dollars per year to attract and reach the people with their products.

According to reports, the marketers in the U.S spend a whopping amount of $189 billion dollars per year and $592 billion dollars worldwide on advertisements. The Top tech companies like Google, Facebook & Yahoo makes most of their income through ads. Google & Facebook own 60% of total ads we see on the internet today. 97% of Facebook’s revenue is only from advertisements while Google makes 88%.

Why Use Ad-Block?

In a recent report, Half of the World population, around 4.02 billion people use the internet. Despite the good intentions with advertisements, we can all agree that ads are irritating and annoying especially when a random popup-ads to start playing audio or showing spammy messages.

Most of the websites on the internet try to push the virus, malicious scripts, popups, malware, phishing, tracking, etc. and it feels frustration. This is why most of them use adblocker’s to protect themselves. There are tons of Ad-block applications available in the market for both Windows and iOS platforms. So, in this article, we will compare two of the most popular and best adblockers: uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus.

uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus

In simple words, an ad-blocker is an application, or a software or a browser extension that helps in blocking the annoying ads on a web-page. If you have an ad-blocker extension enabled on your web browser, you will see a white empty blank space in place of ads. This helps in speeding up the website and prevents loading time for a visitor to have a smooth web experience. But, for the publishers & bloggers, it just stops all the ad impressions, views and they will lose all their revenue.

There are tons of adblocker are available on the market, but choosing a perfect adblocker again a confusing thing. So, here we will compare two of the most popular ad-blockers, namely – uBlock Origin (Different from uBlock) and Adblock Plus (Different from Adblock). Both the extensions are mostly used in Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers. So, let’s see who wins the battle of best adblocker.

1. Availability and Popularity

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad-blocking browser extension available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Android platforms. This extension was created by Vladimir Palant in 2006 and now it is used by more than 300 million people and it has 50+ million of active users per month.

Adblock Plus

Adblock plus helps you to block irritating and intrusive ads like popups. But, it doesn’t allow you to block some ads because big companies like Google, Microsoft, and others are paying the huge price to keep their ads unblocked.

Download Adblock Plus

uBlock Origin is another highly configurable web browser extension released in 2014 that blocks 3rd-party ads, malware & tracker sites. This extension is only available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple Safari browsers. uBlock origin uses very less memory and CPU time and it also helps to protect your privacy. Unlike Ad-block plus, uBlock refuses any donations from users.

uBlock Origin

It doesn’t require any technical skill or knowledge to install or use and it’s also a free and open source. Most importantly, uBlock origin lets you to whitelist sites to support visits based on links from Google News, Twitter, and Facebook. uBlock extension was removed from Google Chrome store earlier this year, but luckily Google reversed its decision and now we can find this extension back in Chrome store and all other browsers.

Download uBlock Origin

2. User Interface

Adblock Plus interface is quite big but has a very simple design and comes with a enable/disable switch on any webpage. Apart from that, You can also check how many ads are being blocked on the page in real time as well as past. Additionally, it allows you to report web pages if you are facing any issues.

Adblock Plus Interface

Ublock Origin has the almost similar interface and it has a large button that enables you to switch between enable/disable the ads on a particular webpage. Additionally, you can check the stats about blocked pages, connected URLs, etc. There are further options like listing request logs, inspecting page elements.

Ublock Origin Interface

Both the extensions have similar UI and easy to use without any difficulties. However, when it comes to user interface as high priority, uBlock Origin has a good user experience with its minimal layout comparing to Adblock Plus extension.

3. Options & Settings

Adblock Plus options have a very simple predefined set of filters, whitelists and it has more filters option on the preference page. You can even hide/unhide the main button on every website. You can add or remove whitelists from sites on your own. It has a very interesting feature called “allow non-intrusive ads” which is enabled by default, if you uncheck this option, then the user can get rid of almost every intrusive & annoying ads available on web pages including Google and Amazon ads.

Adblock Plus Options

If you allow the option “Allow non-intrusive ads,” then you will let some websites show their non-annoying and non-intrusive advertisements.

uBlock Origin, on the other hand, provides more settings than the competitor Adblock plus and gives more access to power users. It allows users to use 3rd-part filters, rules and tracking the servers, but enabling these filters will consume more memory and CPU time.

uBlock Origin Options

Most of the filters are set by default and you didn’t need to edit any filters again. However, the options in uBlock origin are not exactly easy for the normal user. This tool has an optional blocking service called WebRTC that helps to protect our real IP address from the leak.

Although, changing the default settings doesn’t seem easy for a normal user, but both the ad blockers have a very clean user interface. However when it comes to security settings uBlock Origin is the best adblocker to optimize the settings for power users, considering its massive options. If you’re an average user and prefer simpler option then consider Adblock plus.

4. Functions And Features

The functions and features of the Adblock Plus vs uBlock Origin are very crucial, Let’s see how both adblockers work.

Coming to Adblock Plus, it does not have any filtering functionality, in order to block the ads, you have to put the external links of the respective website and you have to tell that what you have to block and what to filter. The blocked ads often show the blank white spaces or Advertising tags on web pages. And if you want to hide these elements, then there’s a functionality called “element hiding” that helps you to hide certain elements from the webpage.

Easylist and EasyPrivacy are the default filter option enabled in Adblock Plus that helps the users to remove unwanted ads, frames, images, and objects. You can change or remove the filters or add others.

Apart from blocking ads, Adblock plus allows it’s user to disable tracking, malware buttons & social media buttons. You can even block the ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, Flashy banners, video ads and much more. AdBlock Plus also helps you to protect your computer against virus, adware, spyware and Trojan horses.

Secondly, the uBlock Origin has more filter syntax for blocking annoying ads similar to Adblock plus. It also has the subscriptions of popular filters – EasyList and EasyPrivacy which is enabled by default. uBlock Origin is capable of importing host files which are enabled by default.

Additionally, uBlock Origin has some advanced features including filtering of scripts & iframes, webpage element hiding, color vision deficiency, dynamic URL filtering, DOM inspector, WebRTC, etc. The Firefox version of Ublock Origin has an extra feature which helps to foil attempts by advertisers & websites who try to avoid from being blocked.

Hence, from some user reviews & surveys, it is found that uBlock Origin uses lower load time and CPU usage and helps to speed up the browser & Computer. So if you are using a low-end system then we recommend using uBlock Origin over Adblock Plus.

5. uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus Comparision Table

Features AdBlock Plus uBlock Origin
Developer Vladimir Palant Raymond Hill
Price Free Free
Platforms Availability Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE and Android Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Blocks All Ads No, but easily added Yes
Resource Usage Average Low
Downloads 12,000,000+ 10,000,000+
Daily Users 15.4 million 4.1 million
Overall Rating 4.3/5 4.7/5


Although it was a tough debatable comparison between both the adblockers, uBlock Origin still dominates most of the segments than AdBlock Plus. We have personally used both AdBlock Plus & uBlock Origin adblockers, we can easily say that uBlock Origin have an advantage over AdBlock Plus as it offers more customization settings to users and it consumes low memory & CPU.

However, both adblockers use the same block list filters to block ads and both are equally effective when it comes to terms of safety by protecting the users from viruses & malware advertisements. So, if you’re a new user and looking for the best ad-blocker then you must try uBlock Origin extension.  Additionally, You can use both Adblock Plus & uBlock Origin adblockers on your Android devices too, that works same as desktop. So that’s what it’s all about adblockers, and we suggest you try both.

We love to hear your opinion on ad-blockers and please comment below which one do you prefer? And don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Have a good day and we hope you consider checking this amazing site out for new upcoming posts.


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